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Adding Locks and Other Security Measures to Your Garage

Homeowners have multiple responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their home and household. One of these responsibilities includes securing and protecting one’s garage. Even though you may not use your garage every day, there is no doubt that it holds valued possessions in it around-the-clock.

Whether you want extra protection for your vehicles overnight or you are generally concerned about the security of your garage and potential break-ins, the following article is for you. You will learn about the different types of garage door locks you can install to increase your security, as well as additional garage door enhancements you can make to secure your garage and the contents inside.

A Quick Note About Garage Door Locks

If you own a manual garage door, you will want to consider adding a lock of some sort to your garage for added security. If you have an automatic or electronic garage door, however, you should carefully consider placing a manual lock on your garage. For some families and homeowners, adding a manual lock to an automatic garage door may be ideal. For most, though, this is not a wise choice.

If you were to try and open your automatic garage door with a manual lock in place, there is a good chance that the garage door motor will burn out or break. Most electronic garage door models are fairly secure on their own and typically do not require an additional lock of any kind. However, if you can remember to unlatch or unlock any kind of manual lock you may place on your automatic garage door, you may be able to benefit from the additional security.

Manual Garage Door Locks

  • T-Handle Locks

    These are the most popular manual garage door locks you can purchase. They are inexpensive and easily installed. These locks sit on the exterior of your garage door right in the center and near the bottom. T-handle locks are shaped like a letter ‘t’ and the shape provides an easy way to grip and pull up on the handle when it is time to open your garage. In the center of the t-handle lock, there is a key slot just like you would normally see on a deadbolt or some other kind of lock. This allows homeowners to lock and unlock their garages using a key, just like they would with their home’s front and back doors.
  • Sliding Locks

    For the interior side of your garage, you will want to go with something like a sliding lock. These types of locks are larger and sturdier than a sliding lock you might use on the inside of your home, for example. These locks are preferred if you have some other entrance or exit to your garage. Sliding garage door locks need to be secured and latched in place from the inside, so you will only want to purchase this kind of lock if you have a garage that is attached to your home or your garage has a side exit door.

Additional Security Measures to Take

In addition to securing the garage door itself, there are other safety measures you will want to take. Consider some of the suggestions below if you want to enhance your garage door security even more!

  • Add Deadbolt Locks to Entry and Exit Doors

    Regardless of whether you own a manual or an automatic garage, it is imperative that you secure any doors leading to and from your garage and into your home with high-security deadbolt locks. A simple knob lock or chain lock will not be enough to stop an intruder from entering your home if they are able to break-in to your garage. Make sure that any doors leading to your home, whether from your garage or otherwise, are always properly secured with deadbolt locks.

  • Light Up the Area Around Your Garage

    Lighting the areas around your garage with floodlights or other powerful exterior lights is highly recommended. In general, any well-lit area will be less of a target for criminal activity. Keeping your home’s exterior lit throughout the evening hours will help prevent any sort of criminal activity from occurring near or around your home.

  • Keep Your Garage Door Closed at All Times

    Keeping your garage door shut as much as possible a tip that is recommended for garage door owners everywhere. Leaving your garage door left open and unattended allows criminals to quickly grab bikes, tools, and other items. Even if criminals are only able to see inside of your garage and cannot take anything immediately, you may become a target for a later robbery. It is always best to keep your garage door closed and locked as much as possible and especially if you are not working inside.

Hire a Locksmith to Help!

Did you know that locksmiths can help with garage door security needs? If you need assistance installing or replacing garage door locks, make sure to call a locksmith. Even though some garage door lock models can be installed on your own, it is advised that you receive a professional installation if you want to guarantee your garage door and home security. Call around to find a local locksmith in your area that can help today!

Need Local Help with Your Garage Door Security?

Enhancing your garage security is easy if you have the right help. Due to the nature of garage door repairs and installations, it is almost always recommended to receive professional help. If you are in the Dolton, Illinois area and need assistance with any kind of garage door lock installation or other locksmithing upgrades, call Dolton Skillful Locksmith. In Dolton, IL no other locksmithing service has faster response times than our team members. We work around-the-clock to provide 24-hour services to all of our customers and clients. Give us a call the next time you need help with your garage door security or any other security needs for your home, business, or vehicle. Call Dolton Skillful Locksmith now!

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